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Welcome to Stray Pirate, the sunken Dog / Pirateship styled cocktail lounge located at the bottom of the ocean. What floats our boat? We're savvy with our cocktails, we'll plunder for our crew (that means you), and fancy our pets!


Tropical Cocktails

Imbibe our elixirs featuring flavors plundered from the seven seas!

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Plunder Our Booty!

All ceramics are designed and hand-crafted in the USA. Stop in and check out our swag!

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The Legend Of The Stray Pirate

Long ago, the fearless crew of the notorious ship The Howling Shadow sailed the tropical bays of the South Pacific to the bustling ports of the East Indies in search of treasures of unimaginable size. Under the leadership of their ruthless, battle-hardened, and cunning Captain, “Sarge the Terrible,” they gave no quarter and took no prisoners. The crew stockpiled their riches of jewels, gold, and the like, but they remained fixated on the pursuit of a fabled treasure in the ancient lost City of Perro Libre. Sarge and his crew were relentless in their pursuit, unaware they were soon to awaken…

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Where To Find Us

Set yer course to the Arts District of Downtown Las Vegas

InMotion Hosting

1321 S. Commerce St.
Las Vegas, NV

Monday - Thursday: 2pm-12am
Friday: 2pm-1am
Saturday: 1pm-1am
Sunday: 1pm-12am